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Welcome to the Michigan Paranormal Research Association Web Page!!!

Welcome to the Michigan Paranormal Research Association Web Page. We are a Mid-Michigan based association committed to conducting ourselves as professionals and maintaining a scientific outlook with our research, while incorporating spiritual aspects.

Help with demonic and severe cases available upon request. We pride ourselves as being one of the very few organizations that removes hauntings! House cleansings, exorcisms and blessings available!

We post and share pictures, videos, and personal stories! Don't believe in the occult? That's fine! Feel free to look around the site and drop a line or become a site member! Just remember to be respectful of each other. Hope you enjoy yourself!                                            

 -Samantha Harris, Founder & Director-

We mostly work & are located in the MSU/Greater Lansing area but some field cases are exceptions. If you're in need of help don't be afraid to ask! Due to our hectic scheduling these days, we primarily offer house cleansings rather than investigations; we figure its better to get rid of the problem immediately.

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